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Ib Antoni poster designs
Ib Antoni poster designs
Ib Antoni poster designs

While I was in Copenhagen this past weekend I came across the work of an illustrator I’d not heard of before, Ib Antoni. I searched in vain for a book on his works but had to make do with lots of postcards instead. I just love his illustration style and the design of his posters. Here’s some info from the Visit Copenhagen website:

“The poster artist Ib Antoni died in 1973, but his beloved artwork is alive and well. As a poster artist Ib Antoni was loved and known not only in Denmark, but also in other parts of the world.

Ib Antoni’s Royal Danish Ballet Dancer, Royal Danish Guard, The Mermaid and Tivoli Copenhagen poster have delighted and amused countless. His artwork contains both charm and humanity.

Ib Antoni drew over 300 posters in his 20-year career. Copenhagen was the city, which Ib Antoni was most confortable in, and in 1967 when the city’s tourist board asked him to draw a draft for a poster, The Royal Danish Guard was born – an image which for many years has been synonymous with Copenhagen and Denmark abroad and at home.

Antoni’s version of The Little Mermaid followed, amusement park Bakken was presented with a lovely balloon man, and for Tivoli Gardens’ 125th anniversary, he designed the famous Tivoli poster.”

Posted on June 15th 2017
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Guardian travel tip

Guardian travel tip
Guardian travel tip

So this is not really related to my graphic design day job but my feathers were rather fluffed so I thought I’d share! I submitted a travel recommendation to the Guardian on their topic of places to visit in Washington state and Oregon, and it was chosen as the winning tip, and they used my photo too, yay. Here’s the link:

Posted on May 30th 2017
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Brighton Artist’s Open Houses

Graphic art at Open House
Ceramics at Open House
Textiles at Open House
Graphic art at Open House
Textiles at Open House
Graphic art at Open House
Photography at Open House
Graphic art at Open House
Jewellery at Open House

It’s time for the May festival frenzy in Brighton, and we’re pleased to be taking part in Brighton’s Open Houses again. We’ve got some fab new work by some returning artists and also from some new people, so lots to look at. I love the motivation the Open House gives me to produce my own design work outside of my clients’ briefs, and often the work I do on my personal projects feeds back into my day job; which definitely makes it worth it. Plus, I love seeing people smile when they look at my work. It’s nice to make people happy!

This year we’ve got a great line up of artists:

Alex Bamford – photography
Lisa Bamford – graphic art
Sarah Edmonds – Illustration
Anna Vartiainen – Printmaking
Claire Griffiths – Jewellery
Laura Danby – graphic art
Sally Evans – textiles
Jemina Schlee – textiles
Helen Lucas – ceramics

We’re open from 11am to 6pm every Saturday and Sunday in May at 21a Brunswick Square – The garden will be open for savoury and sweet treats from Real Patisserie… if we haven’t eaten it all before you get here! Look for the bunting outside.

Posted on May 2nd 2017
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So now you know

Stoats and weasels image

The answer to the age old question, what’s the difference between a stoat and a weasel. Well… the answer is that weasels are weaselly recognised whereas stoats are stoatally different. So now you know. Heh. I can’t believe it’s taken me this many years of being called Stoats & Weasels to actually draw them! This will be on show as a print in this years Brighton Artist’s Open Houses – – lots of great work by nine artists, from graphic art, illustration, photography, homewares to jewellery. More details in the next post.

Posted on April 28th 2017
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The eternal question…

Cats vs dogs poster

…of who’s the best, cats or dogs. I’ve wanted to design something based on old classic boxing posters for a long time, so I was rather relieved when I eventually thought of something that would fit the brief. This alternative boxing poster design will be part of a new range of illustrated and/or typographic prints that I’ll be displaying at this year’s Artist’s Open Houses festival in Brighton. More details on that to come. In the meantime, my money is on ‘The Claws.’

Posted on March 6th 2017
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