Gotta eat ’em all

This is going to be my main activity for the next week or so. Happy Christmas all!

Posted on December 23rd 2017
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Brighton Summit

A video showing the highlights of the Brighton Summit; an event which celebrated the centenary of the Chamber of Commerce and for which I designed all the branding and marketing. You can see a few examples of that on my portfolio page.

As part of the Pleasure Hour I joined in with the Chamber choir session. Considering we’d only just met and so had never sung before I don’t think we did too badly!

All in all it was a fantastic day of celebrating doing business in Brighton. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into the organisation of the event and we were all thrilled that we got so much positive feedback. When’s the next one?

Posted on May 23rd 2013
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Amazing theatre show

I went to see “The Animals and Children took the Streets” by theatre company 1927 last night at The Old Market in Hove. Quite simply, it was stunning. It’s a mix of projected video, live performance and music and is really imaginative and original. The performances are great, a good mix of funny and dark moments and the music is really good too. What I enjoyed most is how the performers interact with the fantastic animation and graphic design… it really is worth going to see. There are three shows left; one tonight (Friday 8th March) and two tomorrow (Sat 9th). Get your tickets now!

Posted on March 8th 2013
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