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Get off your phone book cover design
Gadgets Away book cover design
Ace to Ze book cover design

I’ve been fortunate to be working with a new publishing client recently, Summersdale, who create books to inform, entertain and inspire. I’ve been working on a number of  book cover design projects, which have been great fun. They are also a lovely client to work with, so yay! These designs won’t be published for a while but I couldn’t wait to share them, so these images are mock ups for now, soz! More ‘proper’ photos to come when they are published. I’m sure you will have seen some of Summersdale’s other books in the cool shops in Brighton and the like, but if not then here are three of my highlights:

Tired of those irritating niggles in life? Then this book would be for you: Life Hacks – There really are some very nifty tips in there. I think it gives the same pleasure as looking through the Lakeland catalogue and thinking ‘why’ but then thinking ‘but that’s genius, I must have it’. I can assure you though that I do not own any of their slate products, especially not THIS. Have they not heard of We Want Plates? Honestly…

Get bored on the loo? Then this is for you! 52 Things To Do While You Poo – They say “Perching on the porcelain can be very boring when you have nothing to do but poo. But fear no more, as excretion expert Hugh Jassburn has put together a compendium of entertaining activities and informative fun that will make you want to stay put, even if you don’t need to go. Doing a number two will never be the same again.” I say “a most amusing ’emergency’ present for any man in your life.” Stereotypes noted.

This book will make you feel less sh*t. It says so in the title. I’ve no idea what’s in it as it’s not published until November but as they say “Hey! You’re doing a great job but it’s OK to need some help. With strengthening statements, witty quotes and self-care tips, this little book is here to help you love and care for yourself.” Which sounds just lovely.

Posted on August 18th 2017
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So now you know

Stoats and weasels image

The answer to the age old question, what’s the difference between a stoat and a weasel. Well… the answer is that weasels are weaselly recognised whereas stoats are stoatally different. So now you know. Heh. I can’t believe it’s taken me this many years of being called Stoats & Weasels to actually draw them! This will be on show as a print in this years Brighton Artist’s Open Houses – – lots of great work by nine artists, from graphic art, illustration, photography, homewares to jewellery. More details in the next post.

Posted on April 28th 2017
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The eternal question…

Cats vs dogs poster

…of who’s the best, cats or dogs. I’ve wanted to design something based on old classic boxing posters for a long time, so I was rather relieved when I eventually thought of something that would fit the brief. This alternative boxing poster design will be part of a new range of illustrated and/or typographic prints that I’ll be displaying at this year’s Artist’s Open Houses festival in Brighton. More details on that to come. In the meantime, my money is on ‘The Claws.’

Posted on March 6th 2017
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British idioms challenge

Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge
Idiom design and lettering challnge

In January I set myself the task of illustrating 50 British Idioms. I do enjoy language so it also made it a great way of practising my hand lettering skills, there’s still rather a lot of room for improvement but it was a fun design challenge to do. I will most likely carry on doing more as there are still lot’s that I haven’t done. In my day job as a graphic designer I have to follow the client’s brief, it can be hard to break away from that when doing personal work so setting myself a brief and deciding that I would stick to a limited colour palette definitely helped. I hope they amuse you!

Posted on February 8th 2017
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Getting inky again

Screenprinting photo 1
Screenprinting photo 2
Screenprinting photo 3
Screenprinting photo 4
Screenprinting photo 5
Screenprinting photo 6
Screenprinting photo 7
Screenprinting photo 8

I do love my job being a graphic designer and have some great clients – “hello there” if you’re reading this! I also love my fancy computer and all the latest technology and how it makes life so much easier than when I first started out. I still can’t quite believe that I used to fax proofs and we had to have a meeting at one place to argue about who would check the emails and how often they should be checked. I think it was agreed at the time that once a week would be sufficient. Blimey. It does mean though that I spend the majority of my time stuck in front of a screen sat on my backside. This unfortunately can include a lot of time at home too obsessing over Twitter and Instagram and, yes ok, Facebook.

Soooo, it’s nice for me to occasionally get back to some actual hand made craft and get my fingers inky. I’ve mentioned before how great the facilities are at Ink Spot Press but they really are. They run some amazing courses there too that anyone can do to get that satisfaction of having made something with your hands.

I like the fact that there’s no delete or undo function with screenprinting, there’s a process and that process has to be stuck to and you have to take your time with it. And you have to do it properly; you have to think through how the different colours will work or overlay with each other, make sure the inks are mixed thoroughly, that the screens made with care, not rushing the ‘pulling’ of the ink through the screen, getting proper registration, letting the prints dry properly.

I’ve only been a few times so far but it’s definitely something I intend to keep doing. I’m getting better at the process too, this time I didn’t get ink everywhere. Still not sure how it ended up in my armpit once!

The photos above show the fruits of my last day of printing. I thought I’d design a Brighton based print and also try out my new metallic inks on another romantic design. If they tickle your fancy they can be bought on my Etsy shop, along with some of my previous prints.

Posted on February 4th 2015
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