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Lemon grove and Soller cemetery illustration
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Finca Ca's Sant and Sa Calobra illustrations
Valldermossa and food illustrations

I really enjoyed being creative on my recent holiday. As well as drawing my breakfast each day (see previous post) I also created drawings based on our travels around the area we were staying. I really enjoy being a graphic designer and working to a client’s brief as it gives me direction. Sometimes in my personal work I can flap about not knowing what to do, so it was great to have the inspiration of the places I visited to give me that direction.

If you ever find yourself in Mallorca then my recommendations are:

– Stay in Soller at Finca Ca’ Sant. A beautiful small hotel with two pools, one with columns (obviously) but both with stunning mountain view. It’s also surrounded by orange and lemon groves, and their breakfast are legendary.

– Take the small wooden tram down to the port, it runs right through the main square and is lots of fun.

– Visit the cementary in Soller. It’s beautiful, and so lush. The designs of the gravestones, vaults and mausoleums are really ornate and have great typography. Again, comes with bonus mountain views.

– Brave the drive down to Sa Calobra. It’s 13km of VERY steep and twisty turns, including one turn where the road goes under itself. The views are stunning, and the box canyon beach and river gorge at the bottom make it worth the (lighter than expected) yelping. Do go early before the coaches start descending and leave just after lunch before they start driving back up again. It’s not a road you want to be reversing on!

– Have lunch at Ca’s Patro March restaurant in Cala Deia. It’s where one of the scenes of the Night Manager was filmed.It’s in a beautiful small cove, and the restaurant sits right on the edge of a cliff over the sea. These factors can make it super crazy busy but we were very lucky and got a table straight away. Very tasty red mullet, yum yum.

– Visit the pretty small villages in the Serra de Tramuntana, including Valldermossa, Deia and Fornalutx.

All of these tips are the inspiration for the illustrations shown here. Now that I’m back in Brighton (where did the summer go while I was away???) I’m going to have to find a new project to illustrate, hopefully without too much flapping!

Posted on September 18th 2017
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Miro Breakfasts

Miro Breakfast Illustration
Miro Breakfast Illustration
Miro Breakfast Illustration
Miro Breakfast Illustration
Miro Breakfast Illustration

I’m just back from a wonderful holiday in Mallorca. It was the prefect mix of relaxation and sightseeing in the stunning Serra de Tramuntana mountain region. I also found time to be creative. There’s a small Miro museum in Soller (where we were staying). His art features lots of black lines. Our hotel (Finca Ca’s Sant) served the most amazing breakfasts each day. Lots of tasty small plates, with lots of things on sticks. So my graphic designer mind somehow connected the two, and each day I illustrated my breakfast in the style of Miro. As you do. The hotel loved them, heh. It’s a far cry from what I have for breakfast in Brighton, mostly it’s just a banana. I’m going to have to up my game!

Posted on September 14th 2017
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Guardian travel tip

Guardian travel tip
Guardian travel tip

So this is not really related to my graphic design day job but my feathers were rather fluffed so I thought I’d share! I submitted a travel recommendation to the Guardian on their topic of places to visit in Washington state and Oregon, and it was chosen as the winning tip, and they used my photo too, yay. Here’s the link:

Posted on May 30th 2017
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Following on from my previous post, this is to show that although not ‘quite’ on the same scale as Las Vegas, you can see some funky sign designs in this country in good old Blackpool. I haven’t been there for years and years (childhood holidays) so it was nice to go back. There’s been lots of investment on the seafront and it was great to see lots of new public art (unfortunately other areas of town aren’t looking too great). The highlight was the comedy carpet, a huge typography based mosaic design celebrating British comedy… apparently it contains over 160,000 granite letters. I spent quite a bit of time reading and tittering at the quotes and jokes.

Posted on October 10th 2016
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American Type Dream

Motel signs in America
Vegas signs
Neon Boneyard
Neon Boneyard signage
Neon Boneyard signs
Old signs in Neon Boneyard

Last year I enjoyed an epic US road trip starting from Vancouver and ending in LA via Seattle, Olympic National Park, Portland, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, and the Pacific Coast Highway. It was incredible to see such an amazing variety of places and landscapes. I can’t justify posting all my holiday photos on here but I can get away with these ones. I thought Vegas was, on most levels, awful but I did love all the neon signage. I also got to fulfil a long held dream of visiting the Neon Boneyard there which has a huge collection of fabulous old casino signs. A graphic designer’s dream outing! I just totally love the old style typography on them, the colours and styling, and how evocative they are. Why can’t there be lots of old signs like that in Brighton? We also drove though Lone Pine and Bishop on the High Sierras (location of lots of old Westerns) and got equally excited by all the motel signs. There were many squeaks of glee when we spotted another one. Loved them all.

Posted on September 10th 2016
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