American Type Dream

Last year I enjoyed an epic US road trip starting from Vancouver and ending in LA via Seattle, Olympic National Park, Portland, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, and the Pacific Coast Highway. It was incredible to see such an amazing variety of places and landscapes. I can’t justify posting all my holiday photos on here but I can get away with these ones. I thought Vegas was, on most levels, awful but I did love all the neon signage. I also got to fulfil a long held dream of visiting the Neon Boneyard there which has a huge collection of fabulous old casino signs. A graphic designer’s dream outing! I just totally love the old style typography on them, the colours and styling, and how evocative they are. Why can’t there be lots of old signs like that in Brighton? We also drove though Lone Pine and Bishop on the High Sierras (location of lots of old Westerns) and got equally excited by all the motel signs. There were many squeaks of glee when we spotted another one. Loved them all.

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