Artist discoveries

genzken art

I do like discovering new artists that make you think, and while I was in New York I found two that did just that. The Guggenheim was dedicated to a retrospective of Christopher Wool (bottom row of images), and Moma had a show of Isa Genzken’s work (top rows).



Christopher Wool has been working in New York since the 70s and uses stencils and screenprinting to create graphic, punk inspired images. I really liked the look of his work, and some of the messages on the text based ones were quite amusing (or just rude which I also like). It did make me think about how working on a large scale can make a positive difference to artistic perception, and also as does being consistent in the repetition of ideas.

Berlin based Isa Genzken, at one point in her 30 year career, spiralled into the “post-medium condition” and this shows in her very (very) varied and sometimes very odd work. I did rather enjoy her apparent attitude of doing exactly what she likes and using anything and everything. I could see what she was getting at in some of her pieces, whereas others made me smirk and raise my eyebrows. A very entertaining exhibition.

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