Create your own custom menu!

Brighton menu greeting card design

Are you a card retailer? If so, I can work with you to create a card that lists all the highlights and quirks of your location, or your passion. There is no charge for this.*

What is your city (village/town) known for? What are the locals’ favourite things and pet peeves? What makes you unique? Take a look at these designs for inspiration.

Once we’ve settled on the wording/design the card is exclusively yours to sell for at least a year. 

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a place, it could be things like your:

• Local (non-league) football team
• Village fete
• Camp site

I can also do, but not offer exclusivity on:

• Your general area eg Yorkshire – but I can do York (exclusive)
• A common occasion eg Easter – but I can do your Easter Festival (exclusive)
• Your favourite TV show

Other details:

Take a look at my card range on my shop website. This also includes all of my current menu range. Email me for more details or to arrange a chat! 

*Terms & conditions, naturally, apply. Essentially there is no charge for the design, I will work from content supplied by you. I have an info sheet that helps you create this. All I ask is that you place an order with me to the value of at least £120. You will have exclusive rights to sell the design as cards and prints (as supplied by me) for at least 12 months.


Menu greeting card designs

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