Getting inky again

I do love my job being a graphic designer and have some great clients – “hello there” if you’re reading this! I also love my fancy computer and all the latest technology and how it makes life so much easier than when I first started out. I still can’t quite believe that I used to fax proofs and we had to have a meeting at one place to argue about who would check the emails and how often they should be checked. I think it was agreed at the time that once a week would be sufficient. Blimey. It does mean though that I spend the majority of my time stuck in front of a screen sat on my backside. This unfortunately can include a lot of time at home too obsessing over Twitter and Instagram and, yes ok, Facebook.

Soooo, it’s nice for me to occasionally get back to some actual hand made craft and get my fingers inky. I’ve mentioned before how great the facilities are at Ink Spot Press but they really are. They run some amazing courses there too that anyone can do to get that satisfaction of having made something with your hands.

I like the fact that there’s no delete or undo function with screenprinting, there’s a process and that process has to be stuck to and you have to take your time with it. And you have to do it properly; you have to think through how the different colours will work or overlay with each other, make sure the inks are mixed thoroughly, that the screens made with care, not rushing the ‘pulling’ of the ink through the screen, getting proper registration, letting the prints dry properly.

I’ve only been a few times so far but it’s definitely something I intend to keep doing. I’m getting better at the process too, this time I didn’t get ink everywhere. Still not sure how it ended up in my armpit once!

The photos above show the fruits of my last day of printing. I thought I’d design a Brighton based print and also try out my new metallic inks on another romantic design. If they tickle your fancy they can be bought on my Etsy shop, along with some of my previous prints.

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