Screenprinting course


I spent this weekend thoroughly enjoying myself on a screen printing course run by Ink Spot Press in Brighton. It’s a printing technique I’ve wanted to try for a long time, so I was very pleased to have found their website. The two day course covered all the basics of screen printing; from preparing the screens, making the stencils, mixing the inks, setting up and, of course, to the actual printing itself. The course was run by Jane Sampson, an incredibly experienced printmaker and whose own work is amazing. She also has a genuine enthusiasm for passing on the skills and joys of printmaking so made an excellent teacher.

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Screenprinting Screen print studio Screen print studio


There were only four people on the course so we all had our own printing bed, a fact I definitely made the most of by somehow managing to produce two runs of prints (shown above). It’s such a satisfying process so I will definitely be going back to print some more designs and find out more about this versatile technique. It’s a great outlet for my personal graphic design project ideas and it’s always good to learn a new skill. Bloody brilliant!


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