Menus for life

In my spare time, I do enjoy creating playful designs for prints and cards. One popular range has been my series of ‘mock’ menus describing the quirks of life, and the places and things I love.

About the menus:

Funny Great British life menu
It is a legal requirement that all meals and activities in Great Britain are accompanied by chips. This is what made our nation great. Well, great at eating chips anyway. And that’s not too shabby! Want one?

Funny Brighton life menu
You can’t do anything in Brighton without seagulls trying to get all up in your face. I once was delighted to catch an open top bus home from work. Until I got royally pooped on. I did not consider myself lucky. Whoever said it was has never sat on a bus with poop hair. Want one?

Funny Northern life menu print
You either know what “put big light on” means or you don’t. I spent nearly the first 20 years of my life with this being a common request. Even though I’ve been living as a Southern softie for more years than that I still know the correct order that our daily meals come in. And no, there isn’t a “the” missing in that first sentence. Want one?

Funny Cornish holiday menu
Alright me lover? If you’re a fan of holidaying in the amazing place that is Cornwall than may I present this silly menu to you. What I can’t decide is who would win a fight between a St ives and Brighton seagull. I think it would go the full 12 rounds. Squaaaaaaaaak. Want one?

Funny cat menu – meow
It should of course all be a list of sleeping, napping, dozing etc… maybe that’s for the next print! Want one?

Funny dog menu – woof
Bum licks and tail wags all in a day’s work for woofers. Quite the life. Want one?

The Worthing menu is exclusively available from Inspired in Worthing. A fab shop filled with fab things run by fab people.

All designs come as greeting cards too!


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