The story of Stoats & Weasels

Photo of Brighton graphic designer Lisa Bamford

I recently took part in an Instagram challenge set by Indie Roller (they provide fab support and community for small creative businesses). The purpose was to let your followers know more about you and your business. I thought it might be useful to add it here too, so here’s a condensed round up of the posts.

I’m Lisa Bamford and I live and work in Brighton near the sea with my husband and our ginger cat.
 I studied graphic design at Kingston University many moons ago. In November 2005 I was working as the manager of a print and design business when one of my work colleagues (and very good friend) was asked by Guinness World Records to design their next book. She said she’d need help and suggested we set up a design company together and that changed EVERYTHING. We quit our jobs, moved in together and set up Itonic Design. Over the next 7 years we designed 11 books for Guinness and found lots of lovely other clients too. Yay.

In June 2012, after changes to our personal lifestyles, we closed down Itonic and went solo (but thankfully remained friends). Stoats & Weasels was born. My main job is being a graphic designer, and I’m grateful have a great set of clients (a huge thank you to you if you’re reading!). My clients are a diverse group, recent projects have included: logo design for a one-man gardening business, designing a series of brochures for a leading education body, designing a healthcare phone app, website design for a local authority and an illustration commission to create a lockdown activity pack. So, quite the mix, which is just how I like it. Check out my portfolio.

I had a studio space in the centre of Brighton for 11 years but since lockdown I’ve been working from home and have decided to make it permanent. I thought I’d hate it but actually like the extra flexibility it gives me. Plus, the husband is an excellent tea lady, heh.

For the past 8 years I’ve also been making my own work to let my inner child play. My favourite quote, and motto for life is “you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.” I enjoy creating playful designs for prints, cards, and gifty whatnots. My ideas come from living by the seaside in Brighton, things that amuse me, what’s happening in my world, quirks of British life and just a love of drawing bears. Have a nosey in my shop.

I detest having my photo taken, but here I am with my lockdown grey hair in all its glory!

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